Colonel Larry Mrozinski for Congress GA-11


Welcome to my campaign website. I am running in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District in the Republican primary next June.

My years in the United States Army taught me many things. Along with tremendous discipline, I learned about leadership, dedication, sense of duty and honor, love of country and after seeing a lot of the world, a deep and abiding appreciation for those hard-won freedoms for which so many have sacrificed so much and which should never be taken for granted.

I want to go to Congress and represent you, the people of Georgia’s 11th District. I am a Conservative Republican. I want to represent Georgia’s conservative values. I want Washington D.C. to spend less of our money. I want to make sure our military is always the best in the world. I want tax relief for all the families of Georgia. I want parental choice in education so our children do not have to be left in failing schools. And finally, I want Washington D.C. to play a reduced role in all of our lives. I do not just want smaller government, I want limited government. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, government which governs least, governs best.

My message to the people of Georgia and to the conservatives in Washington D.C. in need of back-up support is simple: Help Is On The Way.

I hope you will take a look around, learn more about me and stay engaged with the campaign. I want to hear from you, so if you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions, please submit them here or call the campaign at 404-314-7362. I hope you will join my campaign, in any way that suits your availability and interests. Even prayer is helpful and powerful. I will work hard for the 11th District citizens and I would really appreciate your participation.

Colonel Larry Mrozinski

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25 Responses to Welcome


    Just wanted to tell you that I am sorry that I missed your event the 8-17-2013. I had some isses at work and couldn’t make it. Peggy Simpson filled me in on the get together. I suppot you 100% sir.

    • Larry Mrozinski says:

      Robert, hang in there……Please continue to spread the word…it is your race too my friend………Enough is enough!!

  2. victoria mrozinski says:

    Go Uncle Larry!! America needs you!!

  3. Maralee Clarke says:

    So pleased to have met and spoken with you at the Marietta Square Friday night (my son is running for Marietta School Board). I like you vision and background, that with the addition of your conservative values makes you very appealing as a candidate. I was even more pleased to find out you would represent me as I am in your district. You have my vote come November. I will make sure I share you vision and help to get your name out in our community. Good luck!

  4. Chris A says:

    Great meeting you at BYR this week, we certainly need your message heard in Capitol Hill. We look forward to having you speak to us at the College Republicans of Georgia Tech!

  5. Richard blackwell says:

    Col Mrozinski my name is Richard Blackwell and I was a solider in HHC 1/30 inf while you were BMO I was your battalion dispatcher and was also the driver for CW3 Bullock. I saw your web site and just wanted to wish you the best of luck. You were a honest man of high morals and that is something we sorely lack today. GOD bless you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Larry Mrozinski says:

      Richard, hope all is well! Just reviewed your comment again wanted you to know you were among the best soldiers I had the privilege to serve with. We had the best Battalion Motor pool in the Division as you were aware because of professionals like you.

  6. John L. Underwood Jr says:

    I will come by and say hello, soon….

  7. Nancy Flanagan says:

    It was an honor to meet you tonight at the Pilot Club of Cherokee Co. meeting. It was refreshing to meet a politician that really cares about the people and feel so strongly about helping our veterans and military families. They have given us their lives to protect us and we need to start giving back to them. Please keep up the great work you are doing and I look forward to seeing you in Congress.
    Nancy F.

    • Larry Mrozinski says:

      Nancy, I hope you are well. The campaign is in all four Counties and growing. Please keep up the good work of spreading the message that May 20th is a new day for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District.

  8. Jim Lewis says:

    Thanks for today’s Cherokee post. If we don’t start looking at the glass overflowing with quality, hardworking and caring individuals we will never push past the obstacles in front of us.

  9. Miriam Corbin says:

    Great job last week, Colonel, helping your fellow Georgians stranded in the storm. It’s that kind of leadership we need both at home and in Washington!!! I’m not surprised, though. You’ve spent you life serving others. Proud to support you and you’re campaign!

  10. Philip A Mrozinski says:

    Good luck to my long lost cousin that I met in Desert Storm. Go put some integrity into the beltway. If you win I will buy the crab cakes when I go back home to Baltimore!
    Good Luck,
    Colonel Mrozinski
    God Bless,
    SMSgt Mrozinski, USAF (ret)

  11. Ray Quinn says:

    It was nice meeting you 2/27/14. Our conversation and the campaign material you gave me tells me you are just what we need in Washington. Our Country needs your ideas and leadership so desperately. I pray you are successful with your campaign.
    God Bless
    Ray Quinn

  12. Greg Price says:

    I enjoyed talking with you on Sunday morning a few weeks ago. Almost didn’t open the door but I’m glad I did. We discussed a few topics God, family, country, friends, honesty, I feel you will make a good congressman. Please fight hard for us. Good Luck!!

    • Larry Mrozinski says:

      Greg, hope all is well. Glad we met and had the discussion we did, I enjoyed it tremendously. Please spread the word on the May 20th Primary.

  13. Jim Lance says:

    Thank’s Sir, for spending so much time with me on the phone and then coming to my house! You can bet that I am on board to get you to Congress! We need LEADERSHIP and VISION! You have gotten me “fired up” and you can count on this old “grunt” to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your fight to get America moving again! Remember: Without a Vision the People Perish.

  14. Sid Fein says:

    Colonel, it was great meeting you today. You have the support of my house! I look forward to seeing your debate on April 5th!

  15. Dan Bailey says:

    Col. Mrozinski, My name is Dan Bailey, former Marine. I met your two sons Mike and Rob this past Fri, Sat., and Sun. at Deep Hole campground. You have two sons that you can be very proud of !
    I live in the 4th so cant vote for you but I sure hope you are elected and can clean house!!!
    Good Luck and God bless you.

  16. Linda Pittman says:

    Colonel, I just wanted you to know that I have the up most respect for you and everything you would do to change the way our country is run. Thank you for all the time that you have spent helping me.
    You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless You and good luck.


  17. Good to see another Mrozinski involved in politics, although in a different party and with different political “beliefs”. My father is a WWII veteran who crossed N. Africa and assisted in the liberation of Italy. He is a lifelong Democrat (as am I) and I support “liberal” causes such as maintaining Social Security, Medicare and Healthcare expansion and NOT obstructing the duly-elected President and Commander-In Chief, as the current Republican House is doing. I hope you do not intend to be a speedbump as are most of the rest of the republicans in Congress. Sto lat!

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